Kuyper Photography specializes in Nature editorial photography and stock photography.  Flower, garden, nature, and animal photos are prominent in the inventory. Trips to national parks and state parks, botanic gardens and zoos provide opportunities to study plants and animals. Canoeing gives the photographer closer access to birds and animals in their natural habitats.

Giant Pandas were photographed at the Atlanta, Georgia, zoo.

The beautiful discus fish in the home page slideshow were photographed for a children's book on tropical fish.

Ostrich picture in the home page slideshow was made at Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm, north of Tucson, Arizona. There were thirty or more ostriches loose in a very large fenced area.  It was easy to get close to the birds, much closer than at a zoo.  A lot of tourists were feeding the ostriches and that made it difficult to isolate only the birds. This picture shows the birds' funny interaction.

Veiled chameleon was photographed during a pet shop photo shoot.  We only planned to photograph current pet products on store shelves.  But, the herp specialist offered to hold several lizards for us.  You can even see the whorls on her fingertip if you look closely.

Macaw parrot was photographed at Brevard Zoo, Melbourne, Florida.  We have photographed parrots on several occasions in zoos and pet shops.  But, this photo is our best selling macaw picture.

We have photographed animals in zoos accross America and in London, England.